Why I’m Giving Back to Feeding America this Holiday │ Bob Aiken

December 19, 2013

By Bob Aiken, Feeding America Chief Executive Officer.

Feeding America CEO Bob AikenIn my family, we believe in giving time and money to organizations that are efficient and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve. Feeding America is the very first place I look to when I think about where I want to donate my own money.

I have many opportunities to speak with donors about the incredible work that we do to feed people today and help to improve their future food-security. It is a dialogue that I enjoy as I deeply believe that Feeding America is the most effective hunger-relief organization in the nation. We feed more children, adults and seniors than any other domestic hunger-relief charity.

I also believe in the dedication and determination of our partners, staff and network. And I believe that with all of us working together, we will achieve our mission to end hunger in America.

We know that the need is great—with one in six people in America facing hunger, our food banks see the tremendous need every day from the front lines. As we go into the winter months, many low-income Americans will struggle even more: Heating expenses increase and SNAP benefit reductions mean that less money is available to purchase food at the store. Winter break from school means that children who depend on free or reduced price meals are home for three meals each day.

While some families are busy making holiday plans, too many others are trying to figure out where their next meal will come from.

When I think about holidays shared with my own family, I know how much we value our time spent around the table together. For Feeding America clients, the ability to receive and provide their family with a holiday meal has meaning beyond measure. Just this week, a client in Lincoln, Nebraska shared with us that food from her local pantry means a happy holiday for her family.

The holidays should be a time of hope and happiness for everyone. At Feeding America we are working all day, every day, to meet the need and build more food-secure communities so that one day, everyone will have enough to eat during the holiday season and all year long.

I am proud to be playing my role to help feed America.

You can join Bob and play a role in solving hunger in our country: Donate. Volunteer. Advocate. Educate.

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I need help for my church Schekinah de Miramar a lot of people not working on my church how can find some food for them.

Posted by michel samedi | December 20, 2013 at 9:53 PM

Hi, first off I just want to thank you and the program for all you guys have done and are doing. People like you all remind there are still people in this world that do care about the well-being of others. My name Is Jamal Rhodes, I am a 16 year old sophomore at Needville High. I love the sport football. I eat, sleep, breathe the game. I would do anything for kids around the country to have the privileges I do. I can honestly say I am truly blessed. Sometimes I find myself being ungrateful, and selfish like, but then when I realize how many children don’t even have shoes on their feet, I feel bad. Growing up In a single parent home isn’t easy but I’m learning to make the best of it. My mom dose her best to provide for me and my four younger siblings. I know what it feels like to be without at times and I would hate for anyone to have that feeling. I wish that I could put a end to world hungry and poverty for good. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but I know it would be extremely hard to accomplish. With a little help I would like to provide food, books, clothing and shoes to kids in need across the country. As of right now I don’t have a penny to my name. This is just something I would love to do. If you guys could help me out in any way, it would be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all and Thank you again.

Posted by Thank you | December 21, 2013 at 6:59 PM

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