Pack ‘Til They’re Back Client Story: Donna and Family

December 13, 2011

Pack ‘til They’re Back is a holiday campaign intended to raise awareness for the children who rely on the Feeding America BackPack Program. Over the course of the holidays, Feeding America will share the stories of families served by their local BackPack Programs. Last week, you learned about Margarita, a grandmother struggling to raise her grandsons. This week takes us to a family served by the Second Harvest Community Food Bank.
Hunger is not fair. You could follow all the rules from the minute you enter this earth and still end up in search of a good meal. Donna did.

I’ve been saying that hunger is blind for years, but never before had I truly felt the gravity of that sentiment until a recent trip to a small town in Missouri. During this visit, sponsored by our partners at C&S Wholesale Grocers, I was able to meet Donna, her daughter April, and Donna’s granddaughter, Shayla. April’s mother was away serving time in prison.

Donna had been tasked with taking care of the two girls, and was doing alright through her work at a local non-profit. Things got shaky in 2010 when her son passed away and she lost her job. Since then, the family has had to work on supporting each other in spite of all the heartache. Without a steady source of income, Donna also needed to look to pantries and soup kitchens for help.

When she’s not at these agencies, Donna sets aside some time in her day to sift through job openings listed at the unemployment office. These daily stops have yielded a few interviews and absolutely no employment, but she doesn’t give up.

We met Donna through the folks at Second Harvest Community Food Bank. She turns to them for assistance through a local BackPack Program served at and elementary school and shares her experience in the following video:

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