Pack ‘Til They’re Back client story: Wanda

November 29, 2011

Pack ‘til They’re Back is a holiday campaign intended to raise awareness for the children who rely on the Feeding America BackPack Program. Over the course of the holidays, Feeding America will share the stories of families served by their local BackPack Programs. Last week, you learned about Kay-cee, a young girl whose family struggles in Pennsylvania. This week takes us to a family served by the Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana.

In my home state of Indiana, 1 in 4 children struggles with hunger. That is ten times the amount of children in attendance within the Indianapolis Public School system.

Wanda’s children are only a few of the many Hoosiers who don’t know where or when they will get their next meal. Prior to getting help from their local Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana BackPack Program site, Wanda would sometimes find herself feeding her children donuts and other inexpensive items for dinner. All that changed when her children’s school started handing out BackPacks each Friday.

Our partners at C&S Wholesale Grocers sponsored my recent trip to visit Wanda and her family. She shared her story with us in the following video.

Wanda’s Family

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