The Feeding America solution to childhood hunger

August 26, 2011


It has been two days since ABC News went live with its coverage of the findings in Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap: Childhood Food Insecurity 2011. Both the national office and the food bank network have been buzzing about local response to the data. At the time of this blog’s publication, $172,942 had been raised for the Feeding America network at ABC News’ Hunger at Home: Crisis in America website.

On the local level, we heard encouraging news from our member food banks:

David Davenport, our executive director, received an email today from a donor that saw the ABC coverage.  It read as follows:
“We learned a new term this week, “food insecurity.”  We would like very much to erase it from our local vocabulary.  Neither of us has ever known it, and don’t want any others to be introduced to it either.  Your organization is a member of our family and we are always watching what you do for the unfortunate in our region.  As we approach retirement, we plan to become more active with you and your good works. “ — Stacy Fisher from Second Harvest Community Food Bank, St. Joseph, MO

There is a little more awareness out there on the streets…. I was on my way home last night when I got a phone call from an elderly lady who wanted to donate but didn’t have a cell phone to send a text, so I gave the woman the food bank’s address. – Matt Gassen, Executive Director, Feeding South Dakota

Thanks so much for all your support!  Watch the following videos to learn more about the effects of childhood hunger — and to learn about the Feeding America solution!

Bess Scott on Hunger and Education

Map the Meal Gap, Feeding America, hunger, hunger reliefVeeple Interactive Video

Child Hunger: The Feeding America solution

Feeding America, child hunger, Map the Meal Gap, food insecurityVeeple Interactive Video


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