Experiencing the effects of natural disaster

May 2, 2011

Bill Thomas, the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Feeding America, flew down to Alabama following the horendous tonradoes of late April.  He reported back on the work being done by the member Food Banks in the area:

I would like to share with you some of the stories and photographs from my experience on the ground in Alabama. The widespread devastation is sobering, and yet hope and recovery are foremost on everyone’s mind, something hard to imagine when so many have lost so much. Our food banks are working hard to meet the need, and I am honored that our members in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Huntsville have been able to take time out of their demanding schedules to meet with me to help me better understand what they are facing.

The power of collaboration in the communities we’ve visited and the relationships our food banks have with donors, volunteers and those they serve make their resources extend as far as possible every day, and this remains true in time of their disaster response. I had the honor of attending a Salvation Army church this morning along with The Salvation Army staff in Tuscaloosa. We know it will take this team effort to help Alabama communities return to some sense of normalcy and a new norm. This will be a long, arduous recovery process.

Everyone here is truly grateful for the kind offers of support that continue to be made by our Network. Each offer is being evaluated and will be responded to but each day in a disaster brings new challenges and information to be considered. All of the members here have expressed thanks to you for wanting to help fill these gaps and to help them.

Learn more about Feeding America disaster relief at FeedingAmerica.org.

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