Chef Rocco DiSpirito and Feeding America on Capitol Hill

April 15, 2010

Celebrity Chef and Feeding America Entertainment Council member Rocco DiSpirito joined Feeding America CEO and President Vicki Escarra yesterday in Washington, DC  in an attempt to encourage Congress to consider good nutrition as they address the issue of domestic hunger. The pair also presented results of the 2010 Hunger Study to the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight and Nutrition.  

Part of their discussion with the committee focused on the importance of nutrition education at food agencies and expanding access to healthy food for those struggling with hunger. “I know that eating healthy requires challenges that many in this nation, rich and poor, find difficult to meet,” said DiSpirito during today’s testimony. ”For those who are without the means to achieve adequate amounts of food, the challenge may be nearly impossible.”

In recent blog posts, Feeding America has talked about the obesity-hunger paradox and local initiatives planned to prevent hunger while combating the obesity that is sometimes associated with a lack of access to affordable and nutritious foods. Today’s discussion between Escarra, DiSpirito, and the House Subcommittee will hopefully shed light on some of the nutritional challenges the impoverished face when considering affordable diets.

DiSpirito has been a strong supporter of not only Feeding America, but many national initiatives to end hunger. The chef joined Vanity Fair, Entertainment Council member Mario Batali and the filmmakers of the upcoming documentary Hungry in America at the restaurants Colicchio and Sons and Craft to raise awareness about domestic hunger among activists and philanthropists.

We talked to DiSpirito about his support at the Colicchio and Sons event in February.

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Good for him for doing this! I saw this organization on tv last night, and think it’s a very worthy cause.

Posted by Marcus | April 19, 2010 at 2:14 PM

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